Gabriela Diamante

Energy and Mental Coach for

Personal Development

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Throughout our live we adopt many behavioral patterns that determines the way we act, think, feel,
and relate to the world. Our perception is strongly shaped by our society and our own personal history.
This alienates us from our freedom, that can heal us through acceptance of ourselves and through facing fear,
frustration, stress, confusion, mood swings and a state of inner conflict.
The understanding of what hurts us so much and the state of inability to suppress it any longer
is leading to a great opportunity for change. And the key for change is healing and living our truth present in every area of ​​life.
Only when we develop our conscious attention from our potential, we can recognize unconscious thought patterns,
blockages, resolve them and let go of what makes us suffer. And the key to change is healing and living our light path.
Only if we develop conscious attention based on our potential, we can recognize,
change and develop unconscious life plans.

“Wenn man etwas ganz fest will, dann setzt sich das
ganze Universum dafür ein, dass man es auch erreicht.”

- Paulo Coehlo

Topics that I work with:

  • Lightwork
  • Body, Mind and Soul
  • Quantum healing
  • Energetic analysis, dissolution of blockages and unwanted structures
  • Healing Partnership
  • Intensive mental coaching
  • Shadow work, bringing clarity into the light and conscious implementation
  • How to bring endurance and build energy potential
  • Bringing chakras into balance
  • Re-programming of the subtle body energy system
  • Understanding & manifesting consciousness work, unconscious and mental re-programming
  • Targeted potential development for personal growth in your career and vocation
  • Incarnation work
  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Ancestral work
  • Rituals, support for relationships, partnerships and career
  • “Ein Problem sieht, wenn es einmal gelöst ist, immer einfach aus.
    Der große Sieg, der heute leicht errungen scheint, ist das Ergebnis einer Reihe kleiner, unbemerkter Siege.”

    - Paulo Coehlo

    My mission

    My years of experience working with people have helped my clients
    rediscover their potential in relationships, personal development, career,
    vocation and health on a new level. They were able to integrate this into their lives.

    A global change is coming. Many people experience lack of energy, mental confusion.

    What if we can fill our inner self with the right nutrients, strengthen mental
    clarity and store healthy bodies for the long-lasting result for life on a new dimension
    consciously and unconsciously on the new level?

    I help people find their original source, reconnection, their own truth and balance.
    I create confidence in bringing you transformation as the energetic and mental shift takes
    place between you and the new technological times, while the new dimension is arising.

    I believe in transformation, goodness and the unique potential and talents of every single person.
    We all emerged from chaos. It is our job to recognize our truth, follow our light path and
    develop ourselves in the way our heart desires within higher consciousness.

    On the healing journey I accompany people mentally, spiritually and energetically
    around the globe in person and online.

    You will recognize your unconscious life plans and you will be able to change them and
    take them to a new dimension of you. Have faith to transform painful experiences of life
    into trust, light security and courage.

    My work is based on the highest level of familiarity, security and
    discretion when accompanying my clients.

    In addition to Lithuanian and Russian as native languages, I speak fluent German,
    English and Spanish – and from the previous work I know mentalities worldwide.


    Dana from Nürnberg
    Amber Van de Ree from Niederlande
    Banita from England

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